Test Soils and Surrogates

Andersen Caledonia manufactures a range of soils, surrogates and kits designed to test wahser disinfectors. Our kits are customised to work with devices from all major manufacturers.

Instrument Washers

Valipro Tag. The only quantitative protein removal test available globally. Developed in the UK by Dr. Perrett and Dr. Nayuni, this test offers the first real validation tool to determine wash cycle performance. (More information at http://www.valipro.co.uk)

Endoscope Washer Test Kits

(Collection bottles, surrogates, biofilms and soils customised to test all major types of washers. Includes supply of kits and testing post)

Endoscope Drying Cabinet Test Kits

(Sterile surrogates, contact plates and settle plates to test all major types of drying cabinets)

Endoscope Bioburden Test Kit

(Syringes, tubing and solution to obtain lumen bioburden water sample)

Test Soil Endoscope Washers

Surrogates Biofilms manufacturing room for HTM 2030 (s) / CFPP Water Testing

Andersen Caledonia laboratory apparatus for testing of water samples

Laundry Washers

Kits to comply with CFPP 01-05

Innoculated swatches (multiple organisms)

Service for all kits includes rapid supply of kit, customisation of connectors and tubing to type of device to be tested, processing of samples and reporting of results via secure online system.

Testing Services Offered Across the UK

The company is able to arrange collection and delivery of test kits and samples across the UK either through couriers or directly by its staff. Our staff are trained in testing of many endoscopic washer/disinfector machines and can assist in collection of water samples. We offer consultancy and training to hospitals on setting up and running their own compliance program.Andersen Caledonia Laboratory Operating to ISO17025 quality system  our laboratory is equipped for high volume  processing of samples with a full range of incubators, a safety cabinet, fluid particle counter and a turbometric endotoxin analyser. The laboratory is supported by a team of field microbiologists based across the UK. Our accreditations UKAS approval for a range of water tests.


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