Integrated One Stop Sterile Packing Service

We are fortunate to have fully integrateWoman works on medical device packing in cleanroom at Andersen Caledoniad assembly, cleanroom packing, sterilisation and testing services at our Bellshill facility. Therefore, we are able to turnaround orders in a couple of short weeks and can also offer an express service for a small extra fee.

Our services include cleaning, packing, labelling, boxing, sterilisation, testing and validation. Examples of devices we sterile pack include spinal implants,  surgical instrument packs, tubing sets,  laboratory supplies and  glass ampoules for use in pharmaceuticals.


We also operate sales of our own, in-house, British manufactured surgical kits. These can be found at our sister site http://www.surgkits.com

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Surgkits is a UK based supplier of high quality, British manufactured, single-use surgical kits and instruments. Our surgical kits are packed in a high class clean room at Andersen Caledonia in Bellshill and then sterilised with ethylene oxide gas before being shipped to you, the customer, all with the highest standards of quality and care.

We have a large number of basic surgical kits; however, we are willing to cater to the individual needs of customers who would like to adjust or add to the contents of their kits by contacting us. Individualised kits may take longer to arrive and there will be a minimum order size on these specialised items depending on the complexity of the changes. Set up a free account now to start shopping our online store. Payments can be made via most major debit or credit cards or by a ‘PayPal’ account.



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