Steam Autoclave Capabilities

Vacuum steam steriliser with 300 litre capacity , independent steam generator and steam jacket for drying product. System able to run customised cycles and can operate at temperatures between 121oC and 134oC.

System generates cycle print out and operates in accordance with CFPP and ISO17665 requirements. An independant recorder provides a real-time chart.

Ballast Cooling Cycle available for liquids.


steam steriliser sterilisation interiorSteam Sterilisation of Medical Devices in Compliance with ISO17665

We offer flexible fully validated cycles run in compliance with ISO17665. 

Steam Sterilisation for Hospitals

  • Non-standard cylces such as 121oC for 30 minutes
  • Sterilisation of implants in accordance with manufacturers instruction.
  • Rapid turnaround available.


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