“Almost 8 football pitches of sterilisation

             capacity every month"

“We run Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation

cycles 24 hours a day”         

“Flexible on volume and delivery”                        


Compatability of ETO EO Ethylene Oxide gas with medical device raw materialsEthylene Oxide Sterilisation Capabilities

Our plant has a capacity of 11,000 pallets a year with two 30m2 vacuum chambers. The plant is run by a customised control system which provides detailed cycle logs and batch pallet tracking. We run a range of ETO sterilisation mixed cycles for small or irregular product loads. This allows us to competitively price for customers, both big and small. For customers launching new devices we offer a tailored service including rapid validations and clinical trial batch runs.

In addition we can process delicate and often awkward products. We accept certified battery operated devices for our oxygen depleted cycles as well as sensitive devices in our specific low vacuum cycles.


Fork lift truck in ethylene oxide ETO EO gas sterilisation plantEthylene Oxide Sterilisation for Medical Device Manufacturers

We are committed to supporting all medical device manufacturers from start-ups to large production volume companies. Therefore, we offer a fully integrated service, including validation and laboratory  testing, under one roof. With contracts across the world we endeavour to support regulatory compliance  and quality of manufacture on a global basis.

DNA Removal with Ethylene Oxide

Ethylene Oxide is a superior method for the removal of trace DNA than ulterior processes. We offer a series of dedicated cycles for just this purpose. 

Removal of Syphacia Muris for Animal Research Centres

We process equipment from animal research centres for treatment against syphacia muris and other microbial contamination using ethylene oxide gas. This has shown to be an extremely effective method of removal.

ethylene ETO EO gas sterilisation warehouseEthylene Oxide Sterilisation for Hospitals

Andersen Caledonia  is the largest supplier of low temperature sterilisation to the NHS. Our service includes 1 week turnaround,  courier collection and delivery, cycle validation support and testing.

Certificates are issued via our online database allowing multiple staff to access them with a searchable and permanent record.

Typical devices sterilised include scopes, pacing leads,  cables, bone flaps and ophthalmic lenses.


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